Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Rain

I had the privilege of growing up on the East Coast of the U.S.

During the winter months we don't usually have rain; we have snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures. Before you ask, yes I miss the snow.

However, I would prefer to visit snow elsewhere, than shovel it here.

After spending the past six winters of my life in the San Francisco Bay area I've grown unaccustomed to wind chill factors, snow, and freezing rain.

Rain in lieu of sub-zero temperatures has become a pleasure. The sights and sounds of a hard falling rain have always made me smile; a storm not big enough to cause major damages, but just heavy enough to wash the city. Just heavy enough to make the world feel clean again. Even though we know we'll never be clean again.

However anything that makes the Tenderloin smell a little cleaner is a blessing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Strong Black Woman"

Why have we allowed "Strong Black Woman" become a negative stereotype?
Or is it possible, "we" had nothing to do with it? Strong women in this society are admired, to a point. You can be strong, but not too strong. "Don't make waves" unless they help my agenda.

Why do we have to tread lightly? (that's the last water reference, I promise)
Why do women, especially women of color have to worry more about ruffling feathers and pushing buttons than men? And, no, I'm not implying men don't have to worry about these issues as well. However, when a man takes initiative or makes changes he's seen as assertive, proactive (yes, that word has been thrown about too much). If these same actions are performed by a woman, she's seen as aggressive, (yes, even in the 21st century) as overstepping her boundaries. Or worse her input isn't acknowledged and now that she's shouldered more responsibility if she doesn't continue to do so she's seen as lazy or not a team-player(yet another word/phrase heard once too often).

So what? Who cares as long as you know? Bull! Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their efforts at work, for their considerate acts with family and friends. Not everyone needs a parade, but a simple thanks or cost of living pay increase is always a good sign of appreciation.