Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was interviewed twice, by a major insurance company. Two different department heads, both liked me and appreciated my honesty and candor. Honesty appreciated? Who knew?
(But I digress)
We'd finished discussing benefits, salary and were discussing work life balance when the interviewer inquired about my credit and debt histories.
**Imagine the sound of subway train brakes screeching**
His next words sent a cold chill down my spine. It's true, what we've been warned about, what we've been told to guard against by the credit card agencies, the banks, the insurance companies et cetera, et cetera. I was denied a job that was perfectly suited for me. My skill set, my personality, my temperament were all molded for this career opportunity. And yet I was not hired. I was told to keep in touch and contact them again when my debt was less than $1000. Hopefully within the next 4-6 months.
So explain to me dear friends, how am I supposed to repay my debt, pay my bills and save money without an income? And how am I supposed to earn an income if my debt is preventing me from being hired? I'm stuck. I don't have much faith in the lottery, but I do have a dollar and a dream. Does this mean I'm going to play? I don't know, probably not. I have a dream but I also have bills.

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  1. nychelle!!! im donating plasma right now so i only have 1 hand to type. excuse any typos ! ive read over ur thoughts a few times and i also know u have struggled with this for the past few years.
    based on my experience and what im learning about myself, here is what i have to say.
    i know it sounds cliche, but it is never too late! yes, you got yourself into debt, you are responsible. you may have fallen off the horse, but stop looking about how bad you fell but instead how gracefully you u can get up, brush yourself off, and get right back on that horse.
    i know it seems like you are in so deep, how could you possibly get out? how can u get a job to pay the debt if they wont hire you in the first place? stop looking at how deep your hole is. instead only look at each step thats right in front of you.
    Approach each day one moment at a time. make the very next thing you do the absolute best thing you can do for yourself at that moment. Just do the next best thing.
    hope this helps, its totally helping me right now. ive come a long way from some of my personal struggles. i try not to think about my past and the negative things it has brought about. instead, everything thats happened to me, good or bad, has made me into exactly who im supposed to be right now. and its up to me right now at this very moment what im going to do with that knowledge. (which happens 2b donating plasma bc i also cant pay my bills!) lol